Our Story


How It All Began

The restaurant was born with the partnership of Japan & Sri Lanka – the owner is a native Japanese citizen from the city of Kyoto and his Sri Lankan partner. Our head chef is a native Japanese chef with exclusive 15 years of expertise & experience in native Kyoto Cuisine of Japan. Our vision is to create authentic Japanese culture, traditions and the ethos inside the Kyoto Mirai Restaurant. For this we have Japanese speaking staff who practices the traditional Japanese manners of Food preparation & serving.

The Influence & the Inspiration

The aim of Kyoto Mirai Restaurant is to present the time-honored traditions of classic Japanese cuisine of Kyoto City which is regarded as the authentic Japanese cultural icon. However, we also explore innovative culinary techniques and ingredient combinations to provide our guests with a one of a kind dining experience. Our dedicated Japanese chef and experienced waitstaff are offering truly Japanese dining experience for you.

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Choice for Everyone

For an authentic Japanese fine dining experience, Kyoto is a must-visit and provides guests with a variety of dining options – you can enjoy a relaxing meal at a table or Japanese styled private dining rooms (Zashiki), take a seat at the outdoor space overlooking the Colombo skyline or book the restaurant’s open Kitchen where the master chefs will prepare your meal right in front of you.

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